Zhongce Rubber Group ground-breaks Thailand Factory

With a total investment of 1 billion, Zhongce Rubber has achieved another miracle!


At 9:58 am on February 12th, the foundation laying ceremony was held for the three major civil projects as part of the third phase of the Truck & Bus all-steel manufacturing plant of Zhongce Thailand, which was constructed by China Construction.



The ground-breaking ceremony and ribbon-cutting ceremony was conducted, followed by a praying session for a safe and smooth build-up. The successful completion of the groundbreaking ceremony marked the continuous improvement and expansion of the production capacity of the Zhongce (Thailand) factory under the leadership of the group company and its company leaders. In the highly competitive industry, the Zhongce team has the ability to achieve one miracle after another, this portrays Zhongce’s staff resilience being carried forward in Thailand.



Zhongce Rubber (Thailand) Co., Ltd. is located in the Thai-Chinese Rayong Industrial Park. It is the first overseas plant of Zhongce Rubber Group Co., Ltd. It has a total planned area of ​​more than 850 acres and a total investment of 24 billion baht. This is all part of the 2nd-phase planning project.



In September 2014, Zhongce went to Thailand to plan and establish a factory. From the foundation stone being laid, and the first tyre was rolled out, Zhongce (Thailand) factory had only taken 180 days, which shocked the industry at its quick pace. At present, Zhongce Rubber’s products are continuously flowing from the Thai factory to the rest of the world.



Opened and starting its production in 2015, as an important part of accelerating the start of the global strategic layout, the Zhongce (Thailand) plant is the first overseas production base of Zhongce Rubber Group. The strategic deployment of Zhongce Thailand has injected a refreshed rush into Zhongce’s production capacity. The factory has a total investment of 1 billion yuan is located in Rayong Industrial Park, Thailand, and is equipped with the most advanced production equipment in the world, which ideally meets the actual needs of customers in Southeast Asia. Moreover, the production has a large catering ability to be exported to 58 countries and regions such as Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Myanmar, Russia, Turkey, Colombia, and the United States.



The Zhongce (Thailand) factory has grown from a barren land to a modern factory of the highest scale. This task is stemmed from the hard work of Zhongce employees, carrying forward and practising the indomitable Zhongce spirit, and also showcasing Zhongce’s corporate culture of innovation.

In 2019, Zhongce Rubber advanced against the trend, and the sales of all-steel tires exceeded 20 million for the first time, setting a history; semi-steel exceeded 42 million, an increase of 17%; in addition, bias tyres and two-wheel tyres were maintained. With a lightning speed of growth, Zhongce’s global standing jumped from the 10th in the world to the 9th ranking in the world.

In the face of changes in each different market channels, Zhongce Rubber has actively responded and provided solutions. In the field of commercial vehicle tyres, the introduction of Bias and Zhongce changes in China’s tire industry. As for Zhongce passenger car tyres, the groundbreaking “S2B” business model enables customoers to effectively reach each other through platforms such as “Business Connect”, helping dealers to change from “traditional marketing” to “smart” Marketing “upgrade.


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