ZC Rubber to operate new branch in Germany

Frankfurt, Germany—ZC Rubber, the largest tire manufacturer in mainland China, has built its new branch Zhongce Europe GmbH(ZC Europe),which focus on the expansion of the European market especially on the OE field and improving the market shares by exploring the market with local mentality and by providing more services.

It is the fourth branch of ZC Rubber on the global market after Thailand, Brazil and America. ZC Rubber marks the establishing of ZC Europe as another significant milestone on its way of global expansion.

“Europe is one of the most important markets of ZC Rubber. With the building of ZC Europe according to the demand of local market as well as the development strategy, we deeply convinced that it offers a better chance to expect the increasing of the sales.” The company said.

ZC Europe is located in Germany. It is considered to be the main economic power in Europe. What’s more, it has the strictest standard towards the tyres which will be a benefit if a tyre brand proved to be good in German market. “We believe that Germany will be a good choice after comprehensive consideration and survey .It will provide more possibilities to the business based on the advantages of the country.”

ZC Europe will be moving ahead with plan for the expansion in local market. “Rounding out the existing presence in the tire market, we will devote to improving the service capability, especially on the OE cooperation.” Westlake tire and Goodride tire are the main brands in Europe for ZC Rubber. Westlake is now popular in Europe, cooperating with many well-known companies including DSV and Schmitz Cargobull.

“In the near future, we are preparing to launch more new product series to meet market-oriented demands. ZC Rubber will try the best to differentiate from other Chinese competitors.”

For business cooperation, please email:
Udaniel@zc-rubber.de ( Two wheel business )