Westlake tire has sponsored marathon in Brazil

ZC Rubber’s Westlake tire has supported Meia Maratona de Curitiba 2017 in Brazil and encouraged the runners to challenge themselves.

The start was in front of the Oscar Niemeyer Museum (MON), in the Civic Center, and gathered more than 3 thousand people. The runners would pass by eight districts of the city with 21 km in length. “The marathon is popular worldwide, and more and more people join in. We are pleased with the community’s participation and participation. It is a sharing of experiences and stories of overcoming.” The company said.

The participants tried their best to achieve good result in the marathon with perseverance and passion. As a result, in the men’s singles category, the winner was Julio Cezar Batista Moreira, 40, who completed the circuit in 1h10. In the individual female, the winner was Regiane Tureta, 43, who did in 1h33.

“Challenge yourself, beyond the limit and never give up is the marathon spiritual connotation, which is really similar with that of Westlake tire. Westlake tire always discipline ourselves to produce premium tires and overcome the challenge on the way to leading tire company around the world.” the company said.

Marathon as well as Westlake Tire not only share the spirit, but also benefit the attending people for their healthy. “Westlake tires focus on the development of high performance tires and brings wonderful experience for all the customers with safety and value. Safety is core of Westlake tire and cost performance is the advantage of Westlake covering the price and performance of tire. ”