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Tyre Upgrade

Tyre Upgrade

Plus sizing wheels and tyres is a popular trend among car enthusiasts. In simplest terms, plus sizing is when you increase the size of your tyres and/or wheels from the original size put on the vehicle when manufactured (also known as the Original Equipment size, or O.E Fitment). It is common for auto dealerships to offer wheel and tyre upgrades at the time of purchase.

If the wheel remains the same and only the width is increased it is called “Plus Zero.” If the wheel size is increased by one inch it is “Plus One;” by two it is “Plus Two” and so on. For example, a plus one fitment for a car with 17-inch original equipment wheels and tyres would be 18-inch wheels and tyres.

Increasing the width of a tyre and/or adding inches to the wheel diameter for wider, low aspect ratio tyres can increase your car’s performance capabilities including handling and stability.

Some people will also plus size for the appearance; they may like the way a larger wheel and tyre package fill up the wheel well of the car.