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Westlake Sales Retreat 2023, 9-12 Jan 2023

PT. Lam Seng Hang Resin & Rubber Indonesia recently held the Westlake Sales Retreat 2023 in Singapore, Royal Caribbean Cruise. This event was held on 9-12 January 2023 attended by all Indonesian tire division staffs. At this event we held our first meeting in 2023, by reviewing last year’s performance. In discussions with this team, we discussed the strengths and weaknesses between departments. And from the discussion can be found several solutions to existing deficiencies. We also organize team building events by holding sports together such as table tennis, soccer, archery and rock climbing. We welcome the 2023 performance year with joy and enthusiasm. Hopefully what is our target can be achieved this year

Westlake Tires are used by Trans Jakarta Buses

Transjakarta management entrusts the application of Westlake tires to several bus units operating in the South Jakarta area. The size used is 11R22.5 16+PLR CR976AW.

PT. Lam Seng Hang Resin & Rubber Indonesia became the sponsor of the National Amateur Boxing Association Padang Panjang Team

As part of training for the Padang Panjang women’s boxing team, PT, Lam Seng Hang Resin & Rubber Indonesia sponsored the Padang Panjang team to take part in the Singapore Women’s Boxing Championship on 26 November 2022. By dispatching 9 athletes and 3 coaches, the Padang Panjang city team was excited to go to Singapore to compete. With this support, it is hoped that it will motivate athletes to train and compete. Because by practicing to compete often, the mentality of the athletes will be trained and they will be more confident to face the next championship. and also it is hoped that it can revive the boxing sport in Indonesia

Westlake Q3 Sales Meeting & Team Building

PT Lam Seng Hang Resin & Rubber Indonesia recently held a Q3 Sales Meeting & Team Building in Senayan Avenue by Ottolima Jakarta, 21st September 2022. Meeting topics are to review performance of Q3 2022 and discuss about Plan for Target 2023. After meeting continued with golf driving together with Coach Andy


Congratulations! ZC Rubber ranks Top 8 in 2022 global tire companies released by Tire Business, up one notch from last year.  

Hokkaido Ice Breaking Cruise Dealer’s Incentive Trip 2014

Back on 2014 Lam Seng Hang Co, Pte Ltd held a business Plan trip to Hokkaido

Lam Seng Hang Co Pte Ltd Is Proud To Be a sponsor of the Legacy Women’s Boxing Championship Held on 25 June 2022.

The event was held on 25 June 2022 and organized by Legends Fight Sport Singapore & Singapore Women's Boxing Community This events was broadcast live via https://m.twitch.tv/tcwlegends. On this occasion,  Regional Director of Marketing & Sales, Mr. Joe Tan, present the medals to the winners. By supporting this event, we want to build a strong partnership that is committed to keeping us way ahead of the game. And to increase our Westlake Brand Awareness.

Factory Visit & Tour Hangzhou, China. 6-11 November 2018.

As a thank you PT. Lam Seng Hang Resin & Rubber Indonesia provides the opportunity for the top 5 Dealers to take a Factory Visit & Tour of Hangzhou, China. This event was held on March 6-11 2018 attended by representatives of selected Dealers and several staff

Jakarta, Iftar Ramadhan. 17 May 2019.

Held at The Westin Hotel Jakarta on May 17, 2019. attended by Employees, Directors, and Partners of Lam Seng Hang Group

Iftar Ramadhan, 24 May 2018.

This event was held on May 24th, 2018 at Ritz-Carlton Hotel Jakarta and attended by Partners, Employees, Directors of Lam Seng Hang Group. With this event employees are expected to get to know each other

Iftar Ramadhan 2017

This event is always held every year by Lam Seng Hang Group and is attended by employees and directors of Lam Seng Hang Group. Held to strengthen the relationship between employees of  Lam Seng Hang Group and respect employees who are fasting.  

Indonesia Customer Visit to Zhongce Thailand Factory. 25-29 June 2018.

PT. Lam Seng Hang Resin & Rubber Indonesia together with Customers and Staff  visit the Zhongce Rubber Factory in Thailand, held on 25-29 Jun 2018. Through this visit, customers are expected to be able to see the Westlake tire production process at the ZC Thailand factory and be more enthusiastic to  increase sales

Family Gathering Lam Seng Hang Group. 6-7 December 2019, Bogor.

This event was attended by all employees of the Lam Seng Hang Group in Indonesia and their families. Held on 6-7 Dec 2019 at Grand Mulya Bogor - Resort & Convention Hotel. This activity consists of team building, gala dinner, and other activities for family members. With this event, it is hoped that employees will be more enthusiastic in working, becoming a solid team to achieve company targets

Indonesia Top Dealers Incentive Trip Korea. 6-10 March 2019.

This Korea incentive trip was given as a our gratitude and appreciation from PT. Lam Seng Hang Resin And Rubber Indonesia to the 5 Top Dealers for achieving the 2018 sales target. Held on 6-10 Mar 2019, hopefully the sales target in the following years will always be achieved

PT. Lam Seng Hang Resin & Rubber Indonesia launched a charity to share new normal starter kit. 29 July 2021.

PT. Lam Seng Hang Resin & Rubber Indonesia support PO. Sahabat ( PO. Sahabat is a transportation company located in Cirebon, West Java), in collaboration with the Community Health Center and the local police, providing vaccines to support the government's program in dealing with COVID-19 prevention. This charity was held on 29th july 2021

PT. Lam Seng Hang Resin & Rubber Indonesia became a one of sponsors of truck community. 28 May 2022.

PT. Lam Seng Hang Resin & Rubber Indonesia became a one of sponsors of the 4th Anniversary Event of CMIC Bandung West Java which was held on May 28, 2022. CMIC is a Mitsubishi Canter truck community, this activity contains entertainment events and charity activities and is attended by communities throughout Java and more than 200 participants.

BREAK FASTING/IFTAR/BUKA PUASA GATHERING Big Family of Lam Seng Hang Group of Companies Indonesia. 14 April 2022.

Ramadhan was in the month on April for this year. Break fasting also known as iftar or Buka Puasa is the meal taken by Muslims after sunset during Ramadhan In the past before COVID-19 this used to be an annual event for staff in Lam Seng Hang Group of Companies Indonesia, and where we invited close business partners to attend the event. The spirit of togetherness is the true meaning behind celebrate Break Fasting/Iftar/Buka Puas. Regrettably the pandemic struck, and we could not organize any gatherings. Thankfully, the COVID-19 situation has improved and with the necessary precautions taken, we could once again gather and break fast together on Thursday, 14 April 2022 at Pearl Restaurant 2nd floor, JW Marriot Hotel - Kuningan Jakarta.

PT. Lam Seng Hang Resin & Rubber Indonesia (Westlake) is one the sponsors of 350 golfers from various regions participated in Balikpapan Golf Tournament. 19-20 February 2022.

PT. Lam Seng Hang Resin & Rubber Indonesia supports The Golf Tournament event for 125th Anniversary of Balikpapan. This event was attended & supported by Balikpapan mining entrepreneurs, suppliers in Balikpapan, Mayor of Balikpapan, held on 19-20 Feb 2022. It is heartnening to note that Andy (Regional Sales Manager) and our mining customer participated in this grand tournament. This golf event is expected to become an annual event, so that it will be an alternative to strengthen togetherness in addition to upholding high sportsmanship values in sport.

LSHRR Business Plan 2022 Company Retreat

PT Lam Seng Hang Resin & Rubber Indonesia (LSHRR) recently held a Business Plan 2022 Company Retreat in Bali, Indonesia to analyze the issues of 2021 and discuss and prepare for the challenges of 2022. Of course, Covid-19 was on everyone’s mind and social distancing and Covid-19 health measures were adhered to at all times while the team meet for the first time after nearly 18 months of Working from Home. Seeing each other faces was a like a breath of fresh air. And of course, we had some team building events to bring some laughter and joy to everyone’s life during this festive seasons.